Until later…

odp closedOccupy Daily Prompt was created by the intrepid blogger, Mr. Atheist.  Immediately jumping on-board was LRose, and the two of them set off to have some fun coming up with blogging prompts.

About a month ago Mr. Atheist had to put this project aside for various urgent priorities, and so LRose moved ahead as the sole author. On 5-15-15 she decided to strike out on her own.

Her new prompt blog, The Blog Propellant, has taken off from the launch pad. All the prompts she posted on ODP have moved to her new site. The prompts Mr. Atheist wrote for ODP stay here on this blog.

Mr. Atheist said he will come back at some point in the future, but until then, Occupy Daily Prompt is closed until further notice.

Prompt response pingbacks, links and comments found here!

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