Strangers: The Prompt


We are strangers.  All of us.  We are strangers at the airport.  We are strangers on the train.  We are strangers waiting in the queue at the store. When was the last time you were a stranger? When did you cease to be a stranger to someone?

Do you possess a mild case of “stranger danger”?

Do you enjoy striking up conversations with strangers?

Share your story.  Share your tips.  What should be avoided?  What’s a must when breaking the ice with a stranger? You could tell us why you don’t like talking to strangers.

It’s your story.

Here are some strangers you might find interesting:

17 thoughts on “Strangers: The Prompt

    1. That is the truth. Anyone can talk about the weather or that song playing in the elevator. But can we have a quick chat at the Starbucks about the economic policies that Jamaica has in place that prevent it from becoming a powerhouse? I think so.


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