But why?

We are not here to kill the Daily Prompt.  In fact, the Daily Prompt serves a purpose. For a while.  Then, as you might soon find out it will cease to give you that thrill.  You may have already noticed that some of the Daily Prompts, well, aren’t so fresh.  This gives an ironic twist to the word Daily in the title, right?

We all started to blog for a variety of reasons.

We are all here to write.

Contribute when you want.  Contribute daily. Contribute weekly. Heck, just stop by and read the posts!

We promise to keep the Daily Prompts fresh.  We might piggy-back every once in a while with the current Daily Prompt, but with a twist.  We will probably do that with “repeat offenders”.

Who knows. We might suck at this and realize the challenge of doing a “daily” anything is more than we bargained for.  It doesn’t matter.  Let’s find out together.

Shall we?



Prompt response pingbacks, links and comments found here!

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