Top Ten: The Prompt

Top 10 The Prompt

Self-explanatory, right?

Go for it.

We’d like to thank Badfish for the inspiration!




Poets, Shmoets: The Prompt

In honor of NaPoWriMo, we’d like to push today’s prompt into unchartered territory: The Poem.

Poems could be about anything.  Personally, my first expressions of love came by rhyme.  Those poems, luckily, did not survive the passage of time (I hope).

Write a poem. It could be about anything!  Cats or trees or fences or politics or love.  Let loose.  Leave all your inhibitions in a pile near the fridge and take a shot at poetry.

Let’s have fun!

We would like to wish all of those participating in the NaPoWriMo good luck and success! And we would like to thank Maureen Thorson for continuing to pursue writing for writing’s sake.


Fool Me Once: The Prompt

It’s April 1st! Pull a fast one — publish a post that gently pranks your readers.